Enrique Rottenbergs

(b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1948)

Enrique Rottenberg is an Argentinian filmmaker who has been based in Havana since 1994. He has written, directed and produced several feature films in Israel. Six of them received awards from the Israeli Film Academy. Rottenberg is the author of the novel The Love of His Life, published by Quarto, Spain, in 2006. In 2008, Rottenberg began exploring the medium of photography (is he well known for this??). His solo exhibitions include Utopia at the Kunsthalle HGN in Duderstadt, Germany, 2015; Enrique Rottenberg Exhibits at Fotogram in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011; Autorretratos (Self-Portraits) at the Video Art Festival in Camagüey, 2011; and Dormir con… (Sleep with...) at the Cuban Photographic Library in Havana, 2010. His works are part of the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, California; the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky; the Cuban Photographic Library in Havana; and several private collections around the world.

Selected Works