Leslie Sardinias

(b. Havana, 1974)

Leslie Sardinias graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Havana, and later furthered his studies with a Masters degree in Design and Animation from Parsons School of Design in New York City. After living in Europe for several years, Sardinias returned to New York, where he currently lives, to continue his investigative work in painting, animation and design. Sardinias has participated in a number of collective and solo exhibitions, most notably the III Florence Biennale in 2001, where he was honored with the Lorenzo de Medici Award. In 2012, Sardinias exhibited in Times Square, where he captured the public's attention by replacing billboards with his animation Watching You. His most recent solo exhibitions include Aguas Malas (The 8th Floor, New York, 2014) and La Comunidad (Museum of Colonial Art, Havana, 2015). Work by Sardinias has also been exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Havana, the Angel Museum in Segovia, Spain, the Casa Lamm Collection in Mexico, the Deposito Bagagli Musei Vaticani in Italy, among others. His work is part of important collections, such as the Spanish Royal Collection, the Alex Rosenberg Private Collection, and Arte Viva Foundation.

Selected Works