Alain Pino (b. Camagüey, 1974)

Mario Miguel “Mayito” González (b. Holguín, 1969)

Niels Moleiro (b. Havana, 1970)

The-Merger is an artistic enterprise formed in 2009 by three artists: Alain Pino, a graduate of the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, with a prolific body of work in installation and photography; Mario Miguel “Mayito” González, cultural activist and self-taught artist; and Niels Moleiro, self-taught photographer and painter with extensive experience in the Art Business. Greatly influenced by the present economic, social and political conditions in Cuba, and following an aesthetic very close to Pop art, they intervene and manipulate objects to the point of subverting their original functions, aiming to enhance their symbolic and anecdotic capacity. Their most relevant solo shows include Fase recuperativa (Recuperative Phase) at The-Merger Studio Gallery in Havana, 2009; Rojo verdoso (Greenish Red) at Factoría Habana Gallery in Havana, 2012; and Una raza (One Race) at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West, Florida, 2014. 

Selected Works