Moisés Finalé

(b. Cárdenas, 1957)

Moisés Finalé graduated from the Provincial School of Arts in Matanzas (1975), the National School of Arts in Havana (1979), and the Superior Institute of Art in Havana (1984). His style comes from a conscious and critical assimilation of Bad Painting, popular expressions – particularly those linked to the practice of syncretic cults – and archaic elements deriving from age-old cultures like that of Egypt. In 1983, he organized two solo shows in Havana: Versión (Version), at 23 y 12 Art Center, and Lenguaje natural (Natural Language) at Amelia Peláez Gallery. They were followed by Sección de jardinería (Gardening Section) at Habana Gallery in Havana, 1984; Mythologies at Josip Broz Tito Gallery in Montenegro, Yugoslavia, 1985; and Formas escondidas (Hidden Forms), at the Provincial Center for Visual Arts and Design in Havana, 1986. As a member of the 4x4 Group, he exhibited at L Gallery and 23 y 12 Art Center in Havana, in 1982. His works are in private collections in the United States, England, France, Spain, Mexico and other countries.

Selected Works